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Deaton Global

Deaton Global is  a family marketing business that was launched September 6, 1969, in Direct Marketing of home care consumables. Over the years the product mix and mediums have evolved far beyond that while the organization has grown into the thousands of independent contractors linked together around the world. In the 1980’s Deaton and Associates  was one of the largest representatives of MCI phone services. Today the team of business owners utilizes largely the internet, promoting hundreds of web partners(Office Depot, Sears, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and focuses on exclusive Health and Beauty products, the fastest growing lines on the web thanks to the aging Baby-Boomers.

NOTE: Some of our largest vendors due to trademark restrictions forbid the use of their names, logos, brands in any websites not their own; therefore we will use abbreviations. However, this information can be supplied privately upon request.

Founded and led by Dorsey and Pam Deaton, the marketing team became the largest of its kind in Georgia, passing the million-dollar level in its 6th year.  Organized to do business in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the Team is based in Stone Mountain, GA. The Deatons travel extensively in consulting with their organizations. Assisting them in training and educating their new associates is the international leader, Network 21, with over a million associates worldwide and offices in 36 countries, producing aids in 23 languages. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad told a Network 21 audience in Sydney, “This business just might be the perfect business for those seeking financial freedom, because there’s no risk and someone personally mentors you to success. Where else do you get that?”

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