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What’s BEST for You?

That’s a question you naturally ask when given an option. We think that way too. In considering additional streams of income. Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says “the BEST way for you to earn more is with a business of your own, preferably one with no risk and free help.” When it comes to looking for the BEST business, you will be impressed with these SUPERLATIVES.

As a business-

World’s oldest and largest Network Marketing organization

50 Years old, Debt-Free    2013 Sales of $11.9 billion (up 70% over 2007)

Operating in over 80 countries/territories 21,000 join daily

Manufacturing globally at 5 plants, 38 warehouses, 20,000 employees

Research leader with 300 scientists, 1000 patents, 600 pending

Environmental leader- 1st biodegradable products, 1st UN environmental award

#1 website for Health & Beauty Sales (31% of all web sales in 2010, Internet Retailer)

#1 in North America for web sales delivery/fulfillment (Toronto Star)

Ranked in Top 75 companies for Innovative Technology (Information Week)

Payments to independent business owners total over $45 billion since 1959

As a Product company-

Own exclusively the World’s oldest and largest maker of food supplements-

Pioneer in nutrition since 1935, 1st Multivitamin supplement

2013 Sales of $5.5 billion, nearly 5 times the sales of  #2 Centrum

Only producer who uses their own organic sources  & pharmaceutical standards

Thousands of certified organic acres in US, Mexico, and Brazil.

Vitamin quality and potency ranked #1 by Consumer Labs industry-wide study

North America’s #1 selling Energy Drink- sugar-free XS in 22 flavors.

Our brand of Skin Care is # 2 in sales behind Clinique  among prestige cosmetics

Our Gift Service is ranked #1 in 2015 sales of Gift & Incentive Albums/Cards of 14 national firms.

#1 effective laundry detergent in Consumer Reports industry wide test (1/08)

1st home air purifier certified to standards of Asthma & Allergy Foundation. #1 sold in world

Best-Buy ranking for eSpring water purifier in Consumer Digest(8/09) Leader in point-of-use sales. #1 in world-wide sales in 2015

Highest rank manufacturer for Product Loyalty in 38 categories of Home Care(Simmons Research)

All products enjoy an unconditional satisfaction money-back guarantee

You just can’t get much better than that!

Note: Brand names available upon request-  Use of Trademarks limited by law in independent websites.