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The Perfect Business

Robert Kiyosaki, the street-smart author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says the ideal way to earn money is in your own business, if you can do it without risking capital and time. He told a Network 21 audience in Sydney that he thought our format might be “the Perfect Business.” It certainly seems to be since 86% of the companies in the Direct Selling Association have now followed our 50-year-old approach. For the individual wanting to start up a business, what’s not to like? Look at these features:

No Capital Investment at Risk                                         No Employees or obligations

No Location Overhead (rent, utilities)                      No Insurance, licenses, fees

No inventory requirements                                              No territories, quotas, minimums

Legal & technical services provided                           Personal web market provided

Personal assistance available 24/7                              Corporate 100% Guarantees

Highly-awarded fulfillment service                            Extensive Exclusive Product lines

Access to Global Markets                                                    Affiliation with Web Partners

Home-based business tax advantages                       Unlimited income potential

Other things come to mind, but what Kiyosaki brought out as his favorite feature is that “Every one has a Mentor who will hold your hand and walk you through the development of a business. Where do you get that anywhere in the business world today?”