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A Check-Up from the Neck Up

Man is created by Thought
What a man thinks, so he becomes
He sows a thought and reaps an action
He sows an action and reaps a habit
He sows a habit and reaps a destiny
He has made his destiny by his Thinking
By right thinking he can master destiny

How do you take charge of your thinking? Zig Ziglar says, “Daily You need a Check-up from the neck up.” To often we surrender control of our thinking and mood to others, circumstances, media news and entertainment. Unless you want other things to determine your life, you need to pay attention to what goes into your head. As one wag said, “Use your head or someone else will use it for you.”
The Discipline to develop an Optimum Attitude is like that of an athlete disciplining himself, positively and negatively. Positively, he eats the right diet, exercises and drills himself , while positively he avoids bad foods and substances and resists the wrong temptations. In the same sense, a person developing winning thinking will read positive¬† books, listen to inspiring audios, and associate with encouraging friends and mentors. At the same time he should avoid literature and entertainment that are negative and discouraging and avoid associations and influences that would weaken your confidence, expectation and motivation. “Guard your heart with all diligence,” said the Psalmist, “For it is the spring from which all of your life flows.”

Reading 15 minutes a day in an inspiring non-fiction book or story and listening to a recommended audio an hour a day in your car or kitchen is a good start. But be sure to seek positive friends and avoid negative associates and the news/entertainment media which by nature focus on the negatives of life. Choose your friends wisely because in time you will become more and more like they are. It’s your life!