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The American Dream- Your Own Business

Over 75% of new Ivy-League MBA graduates recently expressed their primary desire was to start their own business! Think of the challenge, the freedom, the control, the pride and the Profit! It’s always been synonymous with success in America. The Yankee peddler, the yeoman farmer, the entrepreneur, the inventor. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates, Bezos– they all started their own thing. In 1959 when Marxist economies were spreading across the world, 13 families joined together to promote Free Enterprise and the American Way of Life. The were committed to starting their own mutually successful businesses and formed the American Way Association. They adopted a business plan developed a decade before by two Californians Mytinger and Castleberry and went looking for products and services to market. The rest is history. Over the last 50 years their business has spread to millions of owners in over 80 countries marketing over $150 Billion to date with $25 billion in gross incomes. Good times or bad, business ownership works for those who want an opportunity. We are using a greatly improved version of their plan online.