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WOMA Works!

Since advertising brings such a disappointing return for new customers due to our over-exposure, what works? The best way to promote a product or service is to have a trusted friend¬† share with you their pleasure about something they experienced- a good bargain, an enjoyable restaurant, an entertaining movie! It’s called Word of Mouth Advertising and it works well. Moreover, you can get paid for doing it BIG TIME.¬† Imagine going to Macy’s and buying a suit. They inquire how you knew of their sale. You mention your friend’s name and they promptly mail a check to your friend. How efficient is that? 100%! Paying for promotion only after the sale has been made! They can keep that up! Where can you get that deal? We have it with hundreds of web partners(Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, Sears) and exclusive product suppliers. And because we generate over $1 billion a year, the arrangements will only get better. But the place to begin is with your own purchases so you know what you can recommend with total confidence.