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Our Team Approach A Business of Your Own But Not Alone

Our Team Approach- A Business of Your Own But Not Alone

A major reason why people never start a business is the fear of failure. But what would you do if you knew you could not fail? We have developed a strategy where we work together as a team, the veterans helping the beginners off to a good start. They do this by putting their prospects down under the new recruits to give them a sense of a good start. They are giving up some potential profits to increase the probability that the whole team will be profitable. When a person feels he is vested in a business, he tries the products and develops an appreciation for them, an income from his purchases and a determination to share with others. The more experienced will also help the new to sponsor their own contacts. The team is mutually committed to build one deep leg, and soon they are four looking for number 5, then 5 people looking for number 6. The deeper this goes, the longer it will last, because few people will walk away from a potentially large income that is being developed. That deep team will push you to a higher cash rebate percentage than your own personal use would, but it won’t make you rich. That comes from taking the confidence and the know-how you have gained from watching the first leg grow, and duplicating it in starting a second, third and fourth leg. That first team is referred to as the “Apprentice leg,” where you learn more than you earn. However, subsequent legs can become “Profit legs” and “Power legs.” This strategy produces lasting results when each contributes in use and referrals.