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R & D is the Key

Products you buy through the store have deception built in. Aimed at the uninformed customer who looks for the largest quantity for the least cost, manufacturers dilute their liquids, fluff their powders, and use the least expensive and often dangerous ingredients to compete with the others who all do the same. They rely on advertising, packaging, and promotions to move their products. They even try to lure you back with that “new and improved” gag.

Our products are promoted by a friend and have to be the best value possible. Our own manufacturer spends more money on R & D than all its major competitors combined, with 300 scientists on staff in 3 multi-million dollar research facilities(700 patents to date!) It pays off ! The Consumer Reports(1/09) ranked our laundry detergent the most effective in the US with a 96 rating(second was at 79)! In a product loyalty survey of 15,000 homes commissioned by the Soap & Detergent Association,  Simmons Research found our household products number 1, 2 or 3 in all 38 categories tested. Consumer Labs in 2004  in a study of all brands ranked our vitamin line for potency and accuracy of labeling as #1 with a 98 (GNC got a 52!). Our room air purifier is the only one yet to meet the standards of the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America. People trust our products. They work and they usually cost less per use at the retail price.