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The highest paid profession…legally?

Would you believe that the highest paid profession is SALES. Over 80% of those who earn over $250,000 a year are in Sales and Marketing. The salesman is central to Free Enterprise. Nothing happens until someone sells something! Then the factories, shippers, retailers and government employees all swing into action. The Soviet Union had no salesmen. Real estate, insurance, goods and services are all dependent on sales persons.

Why does sales have a bad name to some? Two reasons: (1) Often salesman have to sell the need first when clients are not aware of their need. “Sir, unless you buy this cemetery plot now, your family will pay so much more when you’re gone.” It’s said that the best life insurance salesman can actually have you smelling the flowers on your own coffin! Too many times we have “buyer’s regrets” at having been “sold something.” Not our problem.  The good news is that we only promote products and services that people are buying every day. We just show them how to buy more conveniently with quality, guarantees and savings.  (2) The drop out rate among sales persons is staggering. Almost 90% of insurance, real estate and Avon sales persons quit within months. Not our problem at all.

Marketing is defined as “the distribution of goods and services through multiple outlets,” which is what we do on the internet naturally and profitably with WOMA.