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A Natural Way to Earn doing what You normally Do

You are leaving money on the table! You do something regularly that you could get well paid for doing if only you knew how. What am I referring to? You buy products and services!  Every time you buy something people make money- retailers, wholesalers, advertisers, manufacturers! Actually only about 40% of the price you pay at the store goes for the manufactured item; the rest enriches the middlemen. By using our internet business to go directly to the factory we can recapture the 35% that is the retail markup for the typical consumer by buying at the discounted price. Since you do not have the store’s overhead, that’s practically all savings. You can file as a home-based business and deduct many ordinary expenses- your overhead — from your taxable income. But you can and should send others to the retail sites as your clients, generating immediate income from the mark-up

You can even get some of the moneys that wholesalers enjoy(25-30%). Instead of their multi-tiered volume discounts for inventories at risk, we have structured our compensation into a monthly cash rebate on accumulated frequent shoppers points, turning the same dollars over and over. More bang for the buck with no risk! Think of it- You buy things anyway from Sears, Best Buy, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble etc., and our own factories and get frequent shopper points that turn to cash at the end of each month. The more points the higher the percentage of cash rebate you get, just like the wholesalers volume discounts.