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Critic Frank Luntz likes us!

Dr. Frank Luntz is an Oxford-trained Ph.D. whose organization has      interviewed tens of thousands of Americans in dialing focus groups.   He has published  Words that Work and What Americans Really Want…Really. I met him in San Diego and chatted with him briefly. Dr. Luntz has a special appreciation for Network 21 and is going to help us directly to serve people more effectively.

What is it you ask that the “American People Really Want…Really?”

Here is his list in the current order of priority:

  1. 1.More Money
  2. 2. Hassle-Free Living
  3. More Time
  4. More Choices
  5. No Worries

These are things that we can help people gain through our program!

In his latest book, Win, he interviews dozens of national leaders to other tips for success. Not a Self-Help book, but a Help-Others book, because that’s what winners do. He extensively quotes our founder Rich DeVos, who impressed him greatly. On pp. 282-284, he praises our group for “their intellectual activity and commitment to make things better for themselves and their community.” He told our leaders, “You are built just like America—on the belief in the power of the individual.”