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Launching a Personal Web Site & Blog

We want to join the 21st century, really, we do. It’s so hard to keep up with the technologies of social networking and still have the time to run a business and maintain a home and family. So many people- particularly the more youthful and non-technically challenged -have an almost constant presence in Facebook, Twitter, My Space etc. that we feel woeful backward and inadequate to compare our output with theirs. But our intention is not to compete, but to complete the thrust for social networking. Everyone wants to relate, but more on a meaningful level than the chatter that gets texted across the airwaves and unfortunately also the highways!

The fact that we are attempting to launch a web presence in the social media shows we feel that SOCIAL NETWORKING IS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE when it comes to business and relationships. We would be foolish to ignore this vital channel just because the languages seem stupefying to us. What we want to do —our purpose in creating this site –is to share our strengths in the areas of mutual interest, and ask others to contribute theirs. We have succeeded in our own business for 4 decades and have amassed a knowledge of attitudes, skills and perspectives that we ought to share with those who follow. We hope we will prove worthy of your attention, and fortunate enough to benefit from your comments. Forgive us if we are not online every day or responsive to every post.

Just a few guidelines- NO NEGATIVES, NO PROFANITIES, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, NO SPAM, Only positive please!

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