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Welcome to Deaton Global

For over 40 years the Deaton family has been in the business of helping others to develop to their fullest potential through their own family-owned business. Beginning as an alternative source of income for two professional careers, the business has spread around the world helping thousands to launch their own businesses. In addition to marketing millions of dollars worth of American products, the organization has trained beginners in business expansion and management and mentored individuals in business skills and personal growth. Over the years the Deatons have conducted conferences for thousands of local business owners on four continents. The leadership principles and personal effectiveness skills which they have gained in 40 years they now wish to share through this web site. They hope the reader finds the content beneficial.

How to use this web site

To know the leaders of the business review the category Leaders and read their introductions. No comments are allowed in this category.

Under the heading of Deaton Global on the menu bar are topics arranged in logical progression to help anyone understand the nature of their business model.

Under the category of Life Lessons you can read some insights learned from 70 years of life. Reading from the top makes the most sense.

Personal Blog is the section where the Deatons might choose to journal and comment on issues and events. In this section you are free to offer your own contributions, They will be retained if they add value to the discussion. Brevity would be appreciated.

Media is a section where we hope to store pictures, audios and videos which may be enriching for any of the above categories.

The Links on the right side point you to some web sites which we find helpful.

All of this is a work in progress and will be continually expanding. Tune in again.