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When are you too old?

One of my favorite stories tells about Branch Rickey, for years the manager of the MLB Dodgers. He won more national league pennants than anyone in his day and was active into his nineties, He founded the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in his 80″s! At 91 he was interviewed by a young reporter who asked, “Sir, what has been the greatest moment in your sports career?” Without a hesitation, he responded, “oh, it hasn’t happened yet! It could be today.” What an attitude! Forever young, forever open to new excitement, forever learning. I’ve had many young students who were already old, expecting tomorrow to be like yesterday. How sad. General Douglas McArthur, whose leadership career spanned two world wars, said, “We are as young as our dreams, and as old as our doubts.” “Colonel” Harland Saunders did not even envision Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants before he was 70! A friend and business associate of mine, Janos Demeter from Hungary, told me, “When your memories exceed your dreams, you are getting old.” Are you still looking for more?